Lubbock COVID Notebook Examining and tracking the COVID rates in my city. R
AJV types Types and factory functions for building AJV validation schemas TypeScript
Redis Objects Redis library that handles structures as local objects TypeScript
Abstrakt Abstrakt time-tracking project TypeScript/TSX
DangerLINQ Linq in TypeScript, but every function is compiled from a Github Gist on the fly. TypeScript
SVG Polygon Generator Generate SVG elements for n-sided regular polygons. JavaScript
Cellular automata generator Generate cellular automata in your browser! JavaScript
mk-icons-vs-code Mortal Kombat icons for Visual Studio Code. N/A
Merriman Media server running on Node. Uses TypeScript and React w/ JSX. TypeScript
marie-kondo A very dangerous CLI app which recursively deletes random files from a given directory. JavaScript
JSON DB A repo I use to teach some of the base Node modules such as path and fs as well as basic API design considerations. JavaScript
eulers-method-hs An implementation of Euler's method for approximating the point-set solution of an ordinary first-order differential equation. Haskell
eulers-method Same as eulers-method-hs above except written in JavaScript. JavaScript
Impractical Fizzbuzz Solutions A project created purely to help with first-time open source contributors. An interesting repo to look at when considering how people approach problem solving. Many
Linked List Yet another implementation of the linked list data structure. Used to help teach the linked list structure. JavaScript
New C# Features A bunch of examples of newer (7.0+) C# features. Used to show newer features to teammates during team meetings/learning sessions. C#
ShittyLINQ Extension methods for IEnumerable based on System.Linq in the .NET framework. Created to help first-time open source contributors make their first contributions during Hacktoberfest. C#
ShittyLINQ.js Methods for Array.prototype based on System.Linq in the .NET framework. Despite the goofy name, this library has near-complete parity with System.Linq! Created to help first-time open source contributors make their first contributions during Hacktoberfest. JavaScript
number-partition Partition a number into an array of smaller numbers which sum to the original number. JavaScript
fish-operator The fish operators for composing Kleisli arrows. Resembles the (>=>) and (<=<) operators from Haskell. JavaScript
Days since a loop has been written by... How many days has it been since I've written a loop? JavaScript
ridiculous-moon-event Generate a ridiculous name for an otherwise ordinary moon. JavaScript