My name is Johnny Reina. I'm from Lubbock, TX. Currently working as a senior software engineer at I code a lot. My primary interests are category theory, type theory, type-level programming, and information security. I spend most of my time working in TypeScript nowadays building REST APIs with Express and UIs in React. In the past I've primarily worked in C# and C++. In my off time I write Haskell and ATS, experimenting with parsers and implementing various type systems.

I dedicate a lot of time to mentorship, teaching, and tutoring on the subjects of programming principles, and various areas of math. I'm currently developing a full course covering programming fundamentals from the very basics all the way to conventions, design patterns, and proper documentation.

Outside of software and math, I enjoy playing and learning about chess (challenge me!), making (and eating) barbecue, skateboarding, working on cars, riding my motorcycle, drinking coffee, and brewing beer.

I try to write about the things I know and the things I am learning as much as I can. If there's something you want me to write about, feel free to hit me up on Twitter. You can see the things I've written about on my blog